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ChinaTasks is owned by Occam, a British & American owned company initially established in Shanghai in 2006 to provide face-to-face China training & consultancy for western & Chinese staff of multinational companies in China.


Occam has over 50 MNC clients in China across a wide range of sectors including airlines, hotel chains, nuclear power, car, aircraft & high-speed train manufacturers, supermarket chains, civil engineering companies & more.

New Zealand

In 2011 Occam won government contracts to provide face-to-face China training in New Zealand for government staff & business people in support of the New Zealand - China Free Trade Agreement.

From 2011 to 2015 Occam delivered 300+ days of training to 1700+ people in 800+ companies & government organisations.

In 2014 Occam deployed online-China training and now has 48 training videos permanently deployed for the staff of the entire New Zealand Government.

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