Housing, Transport & Domestic-Help

Your home life and mobility in China are likely to be very different from your home country. Housing & housing standards are most likely different from what you are used to, getting around safely & conveniently can be challenging and the idea of having & managing home-help or drivers may seem an unjustified luxury.

However with some knowledge, planning and flexibility most expatriates can feel comfortable, secure and enjoy some extra benefits that they don't get at home.

This video quickly & clearly explains what you can do to find a comfortable home, how you can safely & conveniently get around and although home help & drivers may seem like a luxury, they are often an easily afforded, managed & justified resource to get things done in a country where you don't speak the language and don't know how to get things done

Housing, Transport & Domestic-Help

Applicable to: Business / Government
Duration: 8 minutes 28 seconds
Key Points Covered: 22
Equivalent : 2 hours classroom training

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